Chantier Brava

Located in Nantes since 2019, on the banks of the Loire, Chantier Brava started life reviving the building of the Corsaire and the Muscadet, two iconic French sailboats, of which many examples are still in regular use today!
The decision to revive the building of the Muscadet was rewarded in 2020 by the Rubi Prize, presented by Voile Magazine as part of the sailboat of the year award, Voilier de l’Année.
In addition to its boatbuilding activity, Chantier Brava undertakes extensive restoration work on all types of wooden sailboats built with plywood bonded to a solid wood structure.
With its reputation and proven experience, Chantier Brava decided to conceive its very own sailboat, retaining the Muscadet ‘spirit’ and using the same construction methods. The result is the Brava 25… a sailboat designed by VPLP Design. With the preliminary plans finalised and the tooling phase underway, the boatyard now awaits its very first customer for its very first model!