Brava 25

Launch of the BRAVA 25 designed by VPLP Design

Right from the start of this project, Chantier Brava wanted to recreate the ‘spirit’ of the Muscadet by combining current savoir-faire in naval architecture with their own signature method of construction… a 100% wooden sailboat, a hull and deck made of plywood glued to a solid wood structure.

When Pierre, the Director of Chantier Brava, came to present his project for a ‘Muscadet of the future’, we were quickly won over by his vision and environmental mindset. Conveying the spirit of this mythical sailboat in a modern vessel was a challenge that we accepted with great enthusiasm.

Before even picking up our sketchbooks, we worked together as a group, during the concept phase, considering the possible uses of this boat, as well as the future experiences that owners would be looking to enjoy onboard.

This period of reflection gave rise to the ambition of making the Brava 25 a user-friendly, seaworthy and elegant sailboat, whose personality would shine through in bold design choices such as its hinged transom and its offset saloon, making it easy to move around on board.

A user-friendly, seaworthy, wooden sailboat

The Muscadet ‘spirit’ is all about a user-friendly, seaworthy sailboat of wooden construction… a winning combination that was kept in mind throughout the project.


A seaworthy sailboat is not necessarily the fastest boat, especially in ‘easy’ points of sail. However, it is a high-performance and safe boat for all points of sail, and for all wind forces. Once on board, it is a sailboat which entices you to go just that little bit further!


A user-friendly sailboat means a sailboat which is spacious and welcoming, where you feel comfortable, safe and secure, and for which the different uses have all been carefully thought through… navigation, anchoring, movement around the boat, access to the water, and everyday life on board!


Wooden sailboat

The Brava 25 is a 100% wooden sailboat. The hull, deck and bulkheads are made of plywood glued to a solid wood structure (EU Eco-label varieties).

Chantier Brava believes that this way of boatbuilding is still, more than ever, relevant today due to :
- the structural properties of wood,
- the ecological benefits (wood as a carbon sink, very limited use of glues and resins, easy to dismantle),
- and the aesthetic appeal and warmth of this natural material!

(interior of the Muscadet, same way of boatbuilding)


25 feet…the perfect size for a ‘pocket cruiser’, as the English would call it!

An ideal sailboat for a day trip or a weekend away for a group of 4, thanks to its uncluttered and spacious cockpit.

A sailboat capable of accommodating a small crew on a coastal cruise, or even in offshore waters, thanks to its fully equipped, practical and comfortable interior.



Technical specifications

The hull is well balanced, with a moderate wetted surface area, little drag, wide but not excessively so, with ample volume in the bow:
- good performance in light winds,
- good upwind performance for efficient windward sailing,
- power and stability in downwind sailing,
- a smooth passage through the water, without slamming or burying the bow.


Rigging and Sails
- Mast with swept-back spreaders, no backstays or runners.

- Square mainsail.
- Genoa on furler
Asymmetric spinnaker.
- Genaker (Code 0).

Keel and rudder
- Rudder under hull .

- Cast iron keel.

- Electric inboard
- electric/fuel outboard

Main Spécifications
- Length : 7m50
- Beam : 2m90
- Draft : 1m45
- Headroom : 1m50
- Dry weight : 1600kg
- Ballast weight : 600kg
- Sail area (upwind) : 36m2
- CE Category : C/6pers

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