The Brava shipyard, in consultation with the Harlé family and the Muscadet Owners Association (APM) has resumed the construction of the "sailboat of the twentieth century" of 6m40, pruned with a serpe by Philippe Harlé in 1963, a sailboat capable of doing everything, from cabotage to crossings of the Atlantic. It was built at the Chantier Aubin in Nantes (Trentemoult) in 600 copies, until the end of the 70s. It had not been built by a shipyard since.

The Muscadet is fitter than ever: every year around 80 sailboats meet in July for the National Muscadet, organized by the APM.

Small sailboat 100% wood, marine and proven, both cruiser and sailor, carried by an association and a fleet that sails with passion: the Muscadet has everything for him!

If it is still possible to find a vintage Muscadet and embark on its renovation, it seems relevant to us to also offer the sailboat in new construction, as close as possible to the original model.

First copy

The first Muscadet built by the shipyard, the MUS 1000, was launched at the end of September.

Regatta fittings, teak exterior woodwork, cork cockpit, varnished interiors, neat upholstery: it has everything to seduce and moreover … It is for sale!

For his first navigation, in tough conditions, he participated in the Voile Magazine trials for the election of the Sailboat of the Year.

Video and photos below:

Versions and prices

The shipyard offers the sailboat at different stages of finishing, from the raw decked hull (impregnated epoxy) to the sailboat completely fitted.

Do not hesitate to contact the site for additional rates and information.


The shipyard has joined forces with several partners to carry out this project.

The 3D digital model of the boat was made from P's original plans. Harlé by Maria Sol Massera, Nicolas Lavauzelle and Théo Gavillet, young naval architects who took this project to heart, in addition to their professional activity within the Lombard agency.

The rigging and fittings are designed and installed by Benoit Chauchat, Voile Attitude.

The sails are made by the Nantes sailing factory Turquoise Voiles.

The mattresses and inner cushions are made by Rocio Bordege, Hilarana upholstery.

The stainless steel parts and saffron are made by JP3.

The shipyard thanks the Black Pepper shipyard for its logistical help and good advice!


The construction was done as close as possible to the original Aubin construction.

Marine plywood for the edges, bulkheads, and deck; Solid wood (Sappeli) for keel, bow, varanda, membrures, smooths, greenhouses and barrels: it is a real wooden sailboat!

3D scanning has made it possible to digitally cut all the plywood parts, as well as the realization of an assembly frame, on which the partitions and greenhouses are precisely positioned.

The nails are removed and the gluing, originally resorcin, is made with epoxy resin. But no structural leave joints, possibly reinforced by glass fabrics: the constructive principle of the Aubin site (where the gluing surface is found on the rails, members or greenhouses ensuring the junction between the plywood elements) is preserved.

The only modification made to the construction, in agreement with the APM and therefore derogating neither from the gauge nor from the Muscadet spirit: the diagonal rails that reinforced the bottom edge were removed, and the thickness of the shell was increased, from 9mm to 12mm, without significant change in the weight and stiffness of the boat.

Link to AP Muscadet.