Shipyard for the construction and renovation of wooden sailboats, Nantes

Launch of the Brava 25

The shipyard launches its first sailboat: the Brava 25, a 7m50 sailboat designed by VPLP Design. Click here NEW

Corsair and Muscadet

The shipyard is the exclusive builder of the Corsair and Muscadet.

Two small wooden sailboats (5m50 and 6m40), two brilliant designs, the same revolutionary building material at the time, plywood. But two very different architects, "inventing" two sailboats, who, beyond their immense success, will build very different stories. Click here

Renovation of wooden sailboat.

The shipyard of course renovates the Corsair and Muscadet, but also any type of sailboat based on the same constructive mode (plywood on solid wood structure), and more generally any type of wooden sailboat. Click here

The construction site

The shipyard is located in Nantes, on the banks of the Loire, downstream of the former Aubin shipyard, a historic shipyard in Nantes, having built all Muscadet. Click here